Open-Source IoT Data Science

Realizing AI Potential for Sustainable Energy, Infrastructure and Manufacturing Solutions

Device Connectivity

The IoT Data Science platform provides tight integration with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), data acquisition (DAQ) systems and Industrial IoT devices through easy-to-use APIs.

Data Science and Engineering

EpiData IoT Data Science platform supports development and deployment of machine learning, including deep learning, algorithms for customized AI-enabled solutions!

High Technology and Industrials

EpiData platform meets the stringent requirements of high-technology and industrial solutions. It has been designed to address key applications including manufacturing quality, equipment condition monitoring and smart grid analytics.

On-Premise and Cloud

EpiData IoT Data Science platform is a complete standalone platform that can be deployed on premise as well as on public and private cloud infrastructures. It scales horizontally with throughput and data, enabling elastic and future ready solutions.

Customers and Partners